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about me

Corey Lucik is CXCMYK

Born and raised in Albany, New York, I am an artist with a background in graphic design, technology, and visual merchandising. I create design solutions for small businesses and musicians as well as major brands! Nothing makes me happier than creating order out of chaos.


My varied work experience, from design, to retail, visual merchandising, and software QA has given me a unique perspective on the world and the people in it. By working closely with customers and management, or developers and stakeholders in both corporate and retail settings I’ve learned how to see a project from more than just one point of view. I’ve been a “jack of all trades” in many of the jobs I’ve had; I like having my hands in a variety of things and branching out to learn new skills to support the business. I’m an independent worker, but I work hard for success and to improve methods for myself and others. When I’m not working in a creative role, I still find ways to apply creative thinking to my work; by creating graphics or presentation templates, to improving the visual style of spreadsheets and training materials. 

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