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Apps for creating on the go!

As a designer or a photographer, the entirety of your creative process doesn't have to be sitting in front of your computer. With the countless mobile and tablet apps that have come out in the last decade, there's so much you can do with smaller tech. For several projects both personal and for clients, I often incorporate the use of at least one app on my phone or tablet before finalizing my designs in Adobe systems or Sketch. I find that giving myself a little break from Photoshop for an hour to experiment with a different app helps keep my creative juices flowing and keeps the work from getting stale. I'm going to talk about three of my favorite apps today that can be used in a variety of ways.


I first started using Procreate years ago on Mac as an inexpensive alternative to Photoshop. A couple years later they released both iPad and iPhone versions of the app. Now that iPad and iPad pro support use of the Apple Pencil (stylus) Procreate turns the device into an excellent drawing tool for illustration, with tons of brush options and effects. While I admit I have yet to perfect illustration on a tablet, I love that I can use my pencil to sketch on the go, or start a foundation of vector graphics, I find it much easier to use the Pencil rather than a mouse and the pen tool.


I discovered Mextures a while back to use as an alternative to the over saturation of default Instagram filters. I take a lot of pride in my mobile photography, and I love how simple Mextures is to layer gradients and effects on my photos. Mextures offers a full array of editing tools such as saturation and contrast just like the Photos app, and you can even save "formulas" as presets to apply to multiple photos.


This is hands down my favorite design related app, because its purely focused on experimentation and digital abstraction. Glitché which is available for both iPhone and iPad allows users to layer and customize over 20 different effects and can be used on photos and videos, or even combined to make gifs. The majority of my personal Laser Life collection was all started with deconstructing my photography in Glitché before finalizing in Photoshop.

What apps do you like to use when working on the go? Leave your recommendations in the comments!

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