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Tutorial Spotlight: Texturelabs

Today I wanted to talk a little about one of my favorite learning resources, and their YouTube channel. I've been experimenting in Photoshop since I was a teenager, trying out all the different filters and making posters to hang in my locker. YouTube didn't exist and online documentation was scarce, so I just had to learn by trying, until I went off to college for design years later. I'm no longer enrolled in school, but I love to learn new techniques and YouTube has been a great learning resource. I recently discovered Texturelabs, and now I can't stop watching them!

Texturelabs is run by a designer named Brady, and offers a wide range of video tutorials and digital assets that are COMPLETELY FREE to those wanting to learn. His videos are extremely detailed and professionally edited for a premium viewing experience. I feel like Brady is sitting right next to me, carefully explaining the appropriate steps and even offering his personal suggestions and tips. Brady understands how it can be difficult, especially for newer designers, the importance of access to high quality assets for use in their work, and has worked tirelessly to create a massive library of content for any design project.

Below are some initial experiments I've done this week by using his videos as tutorials, and I'll link to the videos as well.

Watercolor Bleed LINK

Paint Drips LINK & Long Shadow LINK

Retro Chrome LINK

You can go directly to the YouTube channel here:

What are some of your favorite YouTube channels for tutorials?

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